The Dorm Room vs. The Cubicle

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 6.17.08 PM

Every student studies hard (at least the successful ones). They pour hours and hours of reading, memorizing, and practicing into their days.

From my experience, there are 3 places where this happens…

1) The Library

Cause it is quiet?

No, because everyone else there is working hard too! Most students are blaring their favorite music in their ears anyway.

2) The Cafe

For the coffee?

 No, because the energy, life, and collaboration that is occurring around them. They can hear it, and that gives them energy.

3) The Dorm Room

To retreat and be alone?

No, because it is a personalized space that is as much an expression of them as it is anything else. They own that space.

Instead of breaking the environments and habits that got students to where they are today, why not embrace them?

The corporate culture that succeeds is the one where people work hard, collaborate, and feel free to express themselves.

Students are already good at working hard. That is why they graduated, and that is why you hired them.


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