5 Things Every Graduate Should Be Doing

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It does not matter what degree you have. You can benefit from doing these 5 things.

1) Read

Take the time to read a little bit everyday. It strengthens your thinking (whether on one topic or in general), sparks creativity, and keeps you focused and motivated. Too many people decide that they want to read more and then try to read a whole book in one sitting. They get worn out, burnt out, and exhausted. Just start with 15 minutes. If you want to read more, that’s great. You don’t have to.

Here are some books I suggest…

Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller & Jared Angaza

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Linchpin by Seth Godin

2) Write

I have recently picked this habit up again, and it has helped me so much. When we write, we let our minds release our captured thoughts and ideas. Only then can we really sort through our feelings, ideas, and struggles tangibly. Writing strengthens your communication skills, helps you stay in tune with yourself, and allows you to see your progress over time.

Ways to start writing more…

-Start a blog (writing so that everyone can see makes you do it better)

-Buy a Moleskine journal and put by your beside table

-Choose a friend in the same situation and write back and forth to each other

3) Listen

One of the most positive changes I have made in the past week is the move from listening to music while I work, to listening to podcasts. There are so many podcasts done by brilliant people who have great insight and answers to a lot of the questions you are asking. If reading seems too boring, start here instead.

Some of my favorites…

This Is Your Life by Michael Hyatt

Beyond The To Do List by Erik Fisher

48 Days by Dan Miller

4) Meet

There is someone around you that knows more than you. It’s true. Why not take advantage of that persons knowledge and wisdom? Email someone you respect greatly, and ask them to grab coffee or lunch. Don’t hold back. Let them know how you are doing, what you are feeling, and what you need help with or insight on. I guarantee you will be amazed at what you learned.

If you are nervous to do this, let me know! I will work on a template to send out to you.

5) Sit

Start your day in 5 minutes of silence. Don’t check you phone, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else. It is that time of peace that centers you for the rest of your day. This may be the most important of the 5 and is most likely the one you won’t do. Try if for a week. If you need to change how you spend that time, do it.

Was there something I missed? What books are you reading? Comment below and let me and fellow readers know!


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